About Us

About Us

Welcome to Safe Harbour for All, a caring place for those impacted by domestic abuse. We provide a comforting space where you can find comfort, understanding, and the help they need to heal and become independent. Safe Harbour for All is not just a group – it’s a supportive community that encourages understanding and strength for those recovering.


We aim to offer complete support and resources, empowering individuals to overcome harmful patterns of abuse and embark on the journey of building new lives for themselves. By focusing strongly on speaking out, making people aware, and preventing domestic abuse, our mission is to build a community that strongly says no to violence and strongly supports understanding and kindness. Our big goal is to make sure everyone impacted by domestic abuse gets the important support and care they need to overcome challenges and live without fear.


We dream of a world where the shadows of domestic abuse fade away, making room for a landscape of empowerment and renewal. Our vision is to shape a community that showcases strength, where survivors not only find comfort but also craft their own empowered stories. We aim to be the spark for change, questioning societal norms and creating an environment where kindness and understanding take the lead.

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